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Destilerija Brotnjo

Essential Oils

Distillery essential oils ``DESTILERIJA BROTNJO Ltd.`` began work on the purchase and distillation immortelle in the industrial zone Tromeđa-Čitluk.
Drives distilling essential oils are intended to facilitate and support large-scale production of the Mediterranean and aromatic plants in the area Brotnjo and whole Herzegovina, but also the placement of the produced aromatic plants to overseas markets.
Its capacity is 11 tons of processing herbs daily.
Manufacturers offer contracts the cooperating cooperation regardless of the scope and capacity of each producer individually.

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We are partners with the Agricultural Faculty Dzemal Bijedic.
We also offer and purchase Immortelle and soon other herbs.
If you are a small medium or large manufacturer smilja can become our partner.
Our company was founded in 2016 with the aim of producing top quality essential oils produced according to strict organic standards.

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